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Puppy Training Techniques That Work


Puppy training is basically the application of behavior analysis that employs the specific environmental events of past antecedents and effects to alter the dog's behaviour, either to help in shaping certain behaviours, to facilitate specific behaviours, or undertake specific tasks. In the process the desired outcomes are achieved. The overall goal of all behaviour analysis is to create a desired outcome, which can be behaviour modification, behaviour enhancement, personalisation, adaptation, mutual relationship building, or to solve any other problem areas that may arise. Some other forms of analysis are also applied to a puppy. Puppy training is one such application. This is why many dog owners choose this process instead of other techniques or procedures.


Puppy training, unlike other methods, is very effective when you know how to teach it properly. You can start by giving the puppy a treat every time he obeys your command; this will serve as your reward. After you repeatedly do this, eventually your pet will begin to understand that obeying your commands means more treats coming. If your puppy has misbehaved, do not give him a treat to continue his bad habits, instead, make him learn that it is unacceptable behaviour to drop his leash. Know more about pets at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/pets


One other important aspect in puppy training is to teach your dog to walk on a leash. You will be able to effectively teach your dog to walk on a leash if you use a clicker as your reward for every correct move and behaviour. With a clicker, you can establish positive reinforcement for good behaviour. You can also use treats as well as other methods to teach your dog to walk using a leash. This will ensure that your well-trained dog gets plenty of exercise as well as the enjoyment of having a highly-trainable pet. Remember to use a positive training method to teach your well-trained dog the right way to walk with you. Be sure to check it out!


When you go out shopping, take along your puppy training techniques. By using these puppy training techniques, you will be able to train your puppy to behave well at all times and improve your shopping skills. You can begin by sitting in a store with your dog by your side. Begin by simply pointing at the items on display. As your dog follows your pointing gesture, give him treats as a reward for obeying your command. Repeat this process over until your puppy understands what you are saying and does as you tell him.


The best way to teach your well-trained dog to walk on a leash is to begin when your pup is still a puppy. To begin, simply position your pup in a comfortable spot away from the electrical wires that run along the walls of your home. Begin by placing your hand in front of your pup's nose so that you can test his reflexes. Keep your fingers loose and place them on the sides of your pup's nose so that he has no worries about grabbing onto the wires. Praise your pup as soon as he learns to stay away from the wires.


When you first bring your puppy home, begin socialization by introducing him to as many different kinds of people, places, sounds, and sights as you can. If you do not feel confident in handling this task on your own, then contact your local animal shelter. They should be able to provide assistance in socializing your pup with other animals and people. Puppy socialization should begin immediately upon arriving home at least seven weeks old, or as soon as your puppy can stand and follow commands. Be sure to learn more here!